Mould (Mold) Illness in Breast Implant Women

Mould (mold) is the black furry fungi that thrives in damp, dark places with little airflow, such as in the bathroom, garage or underneath the kitchen sink. Inhaled or touched, mould spores can trigger serious health conditions and can cause major disruption of the endocrine, immune and neurological systems.

Before you decide this doesn’t apply to you, think again as black mould could be behind many of your breast implant symptoms. Respiratory problems, along with brain fog and inflammation are widespread among women with breast implants and are common symptoms of mould illness. Mould has been found in the explanted tissue samples and capsules, taken from thousands of women during their breast explant surgery.

Common Symptoms of Mould Exposure:

  • Sneezing & Runny Nose
  • Red Eyes & Skin Rash
  • Asthma Attack
  • Joint Pain
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Burning Sensations
  • Inflammation
  • Delayed Wound Healing
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Brain & Nervous System Issues
  • Hormones & Sleep Issues

Mould can reach the breast implants via the bloodstream after being inhaled through the nose and mouth. From there the spores make their way to the lungs and chest wall, to grow around the breast implant and in some cases inside the implant, entering through the implant valve.

Certain moulds such as penitrem A can cross the blood-brain barrier and disrupt normal brain function, resulting in cognitive impairment, light-headedness, excessive urination, thirst, temperature dysregulation, sensitivity to electric shocks, numbness, tingling, and other symptoms common in women with breast implants.

Biotoxin and Biofilm

A further challenge associated with mould is the biotoxin and biofilm, which are produced to allow the mould to hide in the body, and then slowly release spores and spread. The biofilm is a thin, robust layer that can be difficult to break down and renders many prescription medications and therapies ineffective.

Breaking through the biofilm is critical to your long-term health success when treating mould, fungus and candida infection. During the 30-Day Breast Implant Challenge, you will be taken step-by-step through the mould detoxification protocol.

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