Why Breast Implants Are NOT Life Time Devices

Women are generally unaware of the ongoing cost associated with breast implants

FDA reports indicate as many as 20 percent of women who receive breast implants for augmentation have their implants removed within 8 to 10 years. The FDA website states, ‘You should assume that you will need to have additional surgeries or reoperations.

Here’s what a manufacturer has to say, “Breast implants rupture when the shell develops a tear or hole. Rupture can occur at any time after implantation, but they are more likely to occur the longer the implant is implanted. The following things may cause implants to rupture: damage by surgical instruments; stressing the implant during implantation and weakening it; folding or wrinkling of the implant shell; excessive force to the chest (e.g., during closed capsulotomy, which is contraindicated); trauma; compression during mammographic imaging; and severe capsular contracture. Breast implants may also simply wear out over time.”

MRI screening for silent rupture can be extremely expensive and cost as much as US$2,600 per screening. The FDA recommends screening for silent rupture 3 years after implant surgery and every 2 years after that. The costs associated with corrective surgeries and replacement or explant surgery can be more than the cost of the initial implant. These ongoing costs are not affordable for many women. Most were unaware of these potential costs or that additional surgeries may be necessary in the future.

Of the 37 ingredients, almost half are carcinogenic, cancer-causing or neurotoxins, destructive to the nervous system such as brain and spinal cord. All women with breast implants should monitor any changes, both to their implants and in their overall wellbeing. Immediate intervention is imperative to long-term health.

Women are advised to do their own research prior to making the life changing decision to have breast implant surgery. Both in relation to potential risks and ongoing maintenance costs. If you have any concerns about your breast implants or your health seek advice from an experienced, recommended breast implant practitioner.

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